“People often ask me how I started. You know what, I never really started. It has always been this way.”


It was August 1988. I was 14 years old. At a local festival in Oldenzaal I met a pantomime speler. I was convinced I could do what he was doing. After this encounter, he invited me to play with him on the streets that afternoon. And there I stood, wearing my grandfather’s wedding suit, sweating profusely in the summer sun. From that day on, nothing has been the same. I just find myself on stage more often now.


And that pantomime player? Unfortunately, I have never seen or spoken to him again. I would like to thank him someday.


– Niek Boes
Fascinated by theatre, music, and the smallest sounds, Niek Boes started his artistic life at the age of 5, entertaining his friends and family and capturing hearts as a little boy. His ‘Donald Duck monologue’, incomprehensible and completely independent of any meaning, made a deep impression on national radio. Intensive training, coaching, and singing lessons followed to train his voice and technique.


Niek Boes started his official career in 1988 in Oldenzaal. He was fourteen years old when he signed his first contract. Soon, he was performing in many countries with his famous and unique theatre shows: in 1995, “Niks Zeggen Slap Lachen” followed by “Sounds” in 1997. Over the years, Niek Boes has developed a range of indistinguishable sound animations with his voice that he uses in his shows.

A new form of theatre was born, and with his show “The Art of Voice” Niek Boes performed many shows around the world. His incredible sound imitations, unimaginable virtuosity, and humour that appeals to everyone earned him increasing fame over the years. His versatility earned Niek Boes “Die Internationale Goldener Künstlerpreis”, making him the first Dutch artist to receive this award in Germany.


Unsurprisingly, the talent of the young entertainer did not go unnoticed. Various guest appearances on television, radio and at events followed. In 2002 and 2004, Niek Boes performed with Karin Bloemen in Dutch theatres. Besides performing in theatre and at events, Niek Boes also regularly lends his voice to commercials and animated films. Niek Boes travels the world with his shows and performs in three languages.